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Specialty Windows

Conventional window types include double-hung windows, casement windows, and bay or bow windows. If you want to add a customized look to your home, consider specialty windows. Specialty windows are custom-made frames that do not conform to standard window styles.

Specialty windows provide an aesthetically pleasing and unique look to a home. Many specialty windows come in a variety of styles and shapes, including triangular, circular, and octagonal. They can also be customized to meet a homeowner’s individual taste. You can even choose your own specialty window shapes, such as a rounded sash or an angled window.

While regular windows often do not match the design of a room, specialty windows offer the perfect solution. They can be customized to suit a room’s aesthetic while maintaining energy efficiency. In addition, they can be paired with traditional windows and create stunning configurations. There is really no limit to the creative possibilities that BGV’s specialty windows offer. It is all about personal preference and how it fits with the rest of the home. So, why not get some specialty windows for your home?

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