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If you are looking for the best local custom Glass Installation Washington DC, then we are happy to serve you! From installing new glass doors to security glass windows, you can trust our professionals to provide you with an exceptional service. Hiring our professional service providers will make your custom glass installation easier and faster as we have all the proper equipment and tools to complete the project.

Commercial Glass Services

Glass services is a professional glass for the home, with an emphasis on high quality, affordable glass installation and repair services for residential and commercial customers.

Get Commercial Glass Installation for Renovations, Storefronts and New Construction

Whether you need to replace a cracked vanity, renovate a glass door or window, we will take care of it for you. We specialize in installing commercial glass in Washington DC at an affordable price. You can choose from a wide range of glass options that suit your style.

Glass Window Replacement in Washington, DC

When you are looking for glass window replacement, we are certified to do the job for you. Our professionals can provide the best service and can also install the windows correctly.

Residential Custom Glass for Uses in the Washington DC Area

If you are looking for a custom glass installer, call us today to request a free consultation. We are a full service glass installation company with many years of experience in providing ultimate satisfaction to homeowners.

Our custom glass installation and repair services for your home in Washington DC are guaranteed by our extensive experience in glass repair and installation. We provide all our customers the highest quality of glass work on customized installation of windows or doors.

Providing Glass Installation Services to the DC Metro Area

24 Hour Emergency Board-Up Service

If your glass windows or doors are leaking, broken glass, or have any other glass problem, please do not hesitate to call us at (202) 952-1930 for an emergency boardup service.

24 Hour Emergency Glass Repair

When it comes to repairing glass, we do our best to offer an excellent solution for we value your safety. We will ensure to provide you with the strong, durable glass that your home or business deserves for both your safety and aesthetic values.

Expert Glass Services in Virginia, Maryland Washington DC

One of our knowledgeable professionals can help you choose through a wide range of glass options that will suit your needs, décor and budget.

Residential and Commercial Glass installation Solutions

If you need commercial glass for your home or office, we will know exactly how to go about choosing the right type of glass for your project. Whether it’s traditional, double pane, or new composite glass, the technicians can install those types of windows and doors in your building.

Commercial Windows

A new commercial window is a great way to increase your energy efficiency, as it helps on avoiding heating and cooling leaks and making then window easy to open for better ventilation. This type of window are also thicker, more durable and are built with specialized glazes and stronger materials. Commercial windows for buildings with higher and middle floors require a wide range of materials such as steel, aluminum and glass.

Door Glass

Door glass include decorative and textured selections in many different styles, sizes and configurations, allowing homeowners to choose one that is just right for their space. Other types of glass include transoms, which simply cover the space around the door, and sidelights, which are the panels around the door itself. Transoms are available in single or multiple pieces, with the single piece pieces featuring either painted or frosted glass.

Glass Doors Storefronts

BGV Construction LLC offers a variety of different glass doors storefronts. Tempered glass is the most commonly used glass for door storefronts as its glass is very strong but also can be extremely light. Another type of glass that is used for storefronts is called swing out. This type of glass is ideal for residential use because they can be opened up and closed on their own.  A bifold door is known for being quite strong and basically one piece door that slide in and out of each other, recommended for businesses.

Glass Table Tops Shelves

If you are interested in a glass table top shelves, we can help you choose the design, color, shape and thickness and we’ll do the work for you as quickly as possible. By adding bevels, chipped edges and high gloss, your average shelf can become something very unique. We offer high quality shelves for your table top, including a variety of finishes for glass tables, chairs and tables. Whether you like a simple, flat shelf or a high-quality glass shelf, we can meet your wishes with the right workmanship.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is an excellent option for replacement windows and doors. This type of glass provides energy efficiency for it has a more uniform thickness that allows heat to disperse evenly and quickly. Another benefit of this glass is that it provides better sound insulation. This can also be defined as a form of safety glass, which holds together when broken.

Plexiglass Lexan

Plexiglass Lexan is the type of glass that can be used in all sorts of applications because it is durable and doesn’t shatter like other materials do.  You may use this type in your home either for doors, windows patio furniture and exterior walls to prevent heat from escaping into the air. As for commercial properties, this glass can be used for interior windows. Even restaurants choose this type of glass for their windows and doors to protect them from smoke and water.

Residential Glass

We will ensure that you will get the highest quality glass for your home investment that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. We are capable of installing or replacing sliding glass, windows, shower sliding glass doors and probe for all your glass requirements in your house.

Security Glass

If you would like to add a higher level of security in your place, we recommend choosing a security glass with an increased level of ballistic protection, such as bulletproof glass.

From Design To Installation We are Here to Help

If your unique applications require a tailor-made glass cut and you are trying to incorporate some of it into new panes that need to be specially cut, then we are here for you and deliver you an outstanding result. We will ensure that your glass project meets your expectations and will look beautiful in the years to come. From choosing the highest quality materials with the help of the best power tools from Makita, to providing exceptional services, we carefully pay attention to every detail when installing your glass.

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