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Palladian Windows

Palladian windows are typically large, three-section windows with the center section arched. The two smaller sidelight windows flank the central window. They usually have big, thick molding, as well as columns in between the frames. The style of the Palladian window was popularized by Andrea Palladio, who adapted the motifs from ancient Roman architecture.

A primary advantage of Palladian windows is their ability to let in a lot of light. A Palladian window is often found in the center of a second-story building, where it’s used to make a room feel airy and spacious. Because of their huge size, Palladian windows fit in well in larger spaces and they can add a lot of grandeur to any home. The most common place to find Palladian windows is in a wealthy residence or public building that’s built in a classical architecture style.

In terms of interior design, a focal point is something that draws attention. Ideally, every room should have a focal point. These elements can be a focal point by themselves, or they can be combined with other elements to create a visually compelling space. For this reason, a Palladian window will make an excellent architectural focal point and will draw plenty of attention if it is situated in a corner or along a blank wall.

When it comes to cost, the quality of a Palladian window can vary greatly, depending on the materials used. As a general rule, the higher the quality of the window, the higher the cost. BCV advises booking an appointment with one of their consultants to discuss if Palladian windows are the best window option for your home.

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