Hinged French Doors Installation
in Washington, DC

Hinged French Doors

Hinged French doors are center-opening door panels that are held by side hinges. They can easily swing inward or outward and include the ability to open completely.

Aside from having a pleasing classic design, these doors allow ample air to flow throughout the home, create a seamless bridge between the house and the patio, and provide a large opening to bring big items in or out of the home. 

While hinged patio doors have plenty of advantages, this door style requires more space when opened. They also don’t come with screens, so you will have to close them to keep out debris and unwanted creatures.

If you want to add elegance and beauty to your Washington, DC home, hinged French doors can be an excellent option for you. BGV’s professional consultant can assist you in choosing the style of hinged French doors that will complement your home. 

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